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Just About Normal’s summer vacation is over

Back in my reporter days, I called it the Summer Doldrums.  

From about the end of July to Labor Day, on many days it was a challenge to produce a real news story.   Nobody was watching TV anyway.    The end of summer was always a good time to take vacation, if you had the days.

In many respects, I’m glad that I still live in a community where it’s difficult to find hard news in the heat of summer.

Yeah, I recognize the posts have been far too infrequent. 

The Labor Day Parade was great.      As far as my eight-year old daughter is concerned, marching in parades is about the most productive thing I do as a public servant.   She passes out candy a lot better than I do.   She went through bags of it.   I talk too much.   If I saw you, I hope I gave you a Tootsie Roll pop.

Summer’s over.  

Time to get busy.

There’s plenty to talk about.


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